Dragonfly Society of the Americas – Northeast Chapter

2019 Regional Meeting / Springfield, VT / July 25-28

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Stylurus spiniceps (Arrow Clubtail) emerging

Stylurus spiniceps (Arrow Clubtail) emerging

DSA’s 2019 Northeast regional meeting will be a collaboration with the Black River Action Team (BRAT) in Springfield, Vermont, from July 25-28. BRAT, which has been conducting cleanups of its river since 2000, last year began conducting annual 24-hour BioBlitzes, and is thrilled to add DSA’s odonate expertise to the occasion. Participation in BioBlitz is purely optional, but can be as simple as uploading observations of any flora and fauna while hunting odes.

Late July is a fine time for Somatochlora (striped emeralds), for which only one species (S. walshi) has been documented from Windsor County, according to Odonata Central. Stylurus (hanging clubtails) should also be on the wing. Vermont’s only records of Riverine Clubtail (S. amnicola) are from the next county south of Windsor.

Moreover, Vermont’s first and (so far) only record of Tiger Spiketail (Cordulegaster erronea) was recorded on July 30, 2017 by a BRAT volunteer, so this meeting will be perfectly timed and placed to look for more records of that species and attempt to confirm it breeding, just as we did for Massachusetts last summer

Meeting host Kelly Stettner is a fan of larvae and exuviae, so we’re expecting to make good use of Ken Tennessen’s new “Dragonfly Nymphs of North America: An Identification Guide” (provided we have some on hand).

Tentative Schedule

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  • July 25 (Thursday) – Check in to accommodations, gather at the Holiday Inn for greetings and orientation, go out for dinner.

  • July 26 (Friday) – Field trips. Destinations: North Springfield Bog, Spoonerville Creek. Campfire and s’mores at the campground that evening, roughly 7-9 PM

  • July 27 (Saturday) – Field trips in the morning. Possible destinations: Black River, Weathersfield Quarry. Noon: BRAT BioBlitz begins at Hoyt’s Landing in Springfield, with tables displaying macroinvertebrates, aquatic plants, and more. The BioBlitz is expected to continue after dark with owls from the Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences followed by a mothing expedition, exact location to be announced; anyone with equipment to black-light for moths, etc. is enthusiastically encouraged to bring it.

  • July 28 (Sunday) – Muckross State Park exhibits and guided walks featuring turtles, mushrooms, ferns, birds, and much more; then more hunting for odonates and other critters until noon when the BioBlitz concludes. In the afternoon, visit any sites that we didn’t have time to reach earlier, or revisit any of which we want to see more, until everyone needs to go home.


  1. Click here for a map of field trip destinations, or accommodations, or sources of food

  2. Click here for a registration page created by Kelly to get a head count for sandwiches, etc.


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Enallagma traviatum (Slender Bluet)

Enallagma traviatum (Slender Bluet)


  • Joshua Rose – NE DSA Regional Coordinator

  • Kelly Stettner – Black River Action Team