DSA Research Grants

Grant Description

The DSA Odonate Research Grant Program awards small grants (up to $1000) to help pay expenses for odonate research in the DSA focal region (New World). In its inaugural year (2018), four awards were made; please see Argia Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 10 for more information. A committee (Nancy McIntyre [chair], Chris Hill, Buck Snelson) will evaluate grant proposals for 2019 on the basis of scientific importance, feasibility, and clarity, and will make funding recommendations.

Instructions on how to apply are found in the members area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

A. Currently, we are only able to make awards to members of DSA from the U.S. We cannot make awards to members of DSA with mailing addresses outside of the U.S.

Q. Can a person who has received a DSA grant in the past be eligible in the future?

A. Yes, recipients can receive multiple grants as long as the obligations outlined below are met for each grant.

Q. How many grants will be awarded?

A. It will depend on the number of meritorious proposals received, amounts requested by those proposals, and availability of funds. We anticipate making 1-5 awards of $500-1000 each.

Q. How will the funds be awarded, and are there any restrictions on what can be covered?

A. Awards will be made by a check mailed to the awardee; wire transfers are currently not an option. Awards cannot be used for salary, only be used for travel, services, supplies, or equipment. Awards will be mailed within three weeks of final approval.

Q. What obligations are associated with receiving a grant?

A. Awardees must submit a progress report to the DSA Executive Committee within one year of the grant award; failure to do so will render the recipient ineligible for any future DSA grants. Awardees are strongly encouraged to give a presentation at a DSA meeting or submit a paper to Argia or the Bulletin of Odonatology within one year of project completion.

Q. How can I donate to the DSA Odonate Research Grant Program?

A. Just click on the donate button on this page to donate to the Research Grant Program. Thank you for your support of this program, which is made possible by donations from our members!

Q. How can I apply?

A. Fill out the Grant Application Form (below), save it as a PDF, and email to Nancy McIntyre at nancy.mcintyre@ttu.edu before 1 February 2019. You will receive an email acknowledgment of proposal receipt. Only proposals using this form will be considered. Please DO NOT:

•     Submit your proposal by mail.

•     Submit your proposal in a form other than PDF.

•     Reformat this Proposal Form or exceed the allotted three pages.

•     Include supplemental attachments.

•     Contact DSA to check on the status of your proposal. All participants will be notified by 15 March 2019 whether or not they will be awarded funding.

Past Recipients


Can, Y., and J.C. Abbott. Assessing rate of DNA degradation in a stream ecosystem for detecting environmental DNA. $970.

Deviche, P., and R. Garrison. Characterization of an undescribed Arizona Argia taxon. $978.

Sanchez-Herrera, M., and C. Beatty. Life history traits, behavior and morphology of the waterfall-dwelling damselfly nymphs of Polythoridae. $969.

Tennessen, K.J., T. Vogt, R. Glotzhober, R. Connors, and W.A. Smith. Field surveys for an unknown dragonfly in Tennessee. $1000.