Photograph of a Red-mantled Dragonlet (Erythrodiplax fervida) - young male by J&K Abbott

Our Mission

The DSA encourages scientific research, habitat preservation, and aesthetic enjoyment of Odonata through (1) cooperation and comradeship among odonatologists worldwide; (2) fostering interchange between amateurs and professional enthusiasts; (3) establishing publications to disseminate information relating to Odonata; (4) support for wetlands and habitat preservation as the most effective manner for odonate conservation; and (5) cooperation with organizations sharing common goals of environmental preservation.

The DSA welcomes members from all of North, Central and South America, but is open to anyone in the world who has an interest in Odonata .

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Executive Council

President: Bryan Pfeiffer
President-elect: Melissa Sanchez Herrera
Immediate past-presidents: Chris Hill / Robert DuBois
Vice President, United States: Michael May
Vice President, Canada: Colin Jones
Vice President, Latin America: Rodolfo Novelo-Gutiérrez
Secretary: Michael Moore
Treasurer: Manpreet Kohli
Editor in Chief: Celeste Searles Mazzacano
Associate Editor (BAO): Steve Hummel
Regular Member (2015-2021): Marion Dobbs
Regular Member (2017-2023): Nancy McIntyre
Regular Member (2019-2025): Ami Thompson
Webmaster: Kendra Abbott