DSA Odonate Research Grant Proposal Application Form


I. Applicant Information

Name(s) of Applicant(s) (and affiliation(s) if applicable)

(For projects with more than one researcher involved, please indicate the primary applicant to whom the award check would be mailed.)

Contact Information (U.S. mailing address, phone, email): 

Researcher Qualifications (briefly describe your qualifications for conducting this project, including relevant current and past activities; no more than half a page):

II. Project Information

Project Title:  

Amount Requested (not to exceed $1,000): 

Start Date (month, year):                                        Completion Date (month, year):  

Project Summary (100 words maximum):         

III. Project Description (2 single-spaced pages including Literature Cited; should include objectives, an explanation of the scientific importance of the study and its importance to DSA, methods, and location)

IV. Budget and Justification (1 single-spaced page)

Provide a project budget and indicate how DSA grant funds will be used. Note: DSA cannot pay for salaries, overhead, grant administration, or similar costs (can only be used for travel, services, supplies, or equipment).

Past Recipients


Can, Y., and J.C. Abbott. Assessing rate of DNA degradation in a stream ecosystem for detecting environmental DNA. $970.

Deviche, P., and R. Garrison. Characterization of an undescribed Arizona Argia taxon. $978.

Sanchez-Herrera, M., and C. Beatty. Life history traits, behavior and morphology of the waterfall-dwelling damselfly nymphs of Polythoridae. $969.

Tennessen, K.J., T. Vogt, R. Glotzhober, R. Connors, and W.A. Smith. Field surveys for an unknown dragonfly in Tennessee. $1000.